404 The Connected Vacation

The Connected Vacation

I’m going on vacation. My family and I are headed to a friend’s cabin in Tahoe. It is dumping snow there right now and will be during our drive that will make for some interesting driving. I’m responsible for all the tech stuff for our family. That means getting kids iPads charged, bringing the chargers, charging all my fun stuff like my connected goggles and all my GoPro’s. I take about as much technology as anyone on vacation. In fact, I’d wager to bet I’m in the .01% category with how much technology I take on vacation.

Vacations are about slowing down and relaxing. While I take my iPad and sometimes my Mac, and try to work as little as possible, most of the technology I take has a single purpose in goal. To capture memories.

While I do participate and enjoy several extreme sports, my primary uses for my GoPro’s are to capture memories while on Vacation. When I first got my GoPro v.1 I brought it to Disneyland and wore it on my head to video our experiences on the rides and around the park. People freak out today when someone wears Google Glasses into the bathroom. Well, that is nothing in comparison to my forgetting my GoPro was on my head and walking right into the Men’s room. Yep, it happened. That faux pas aside, the video I made was easily the best family video I had made to date. It was then I realized how powerful a pervasive capture device mounted on my person could become for capturing memories.

Technology to me isn’t a burden when I go on vacation. It is empowering. Getting away from technology and unplugging is without a doubt relaxing, and I aggressively pursue downtime from “work.” But it is important to me to capture memories for myself and my family. Technology isn’t only the best solution for this, but it is getting even better.

I believe in the future of a capture device mounted to our person. In the short term, this device has a specific purpose. For me, I mount a capture device on myself when I want to capture video of what I see and experience. My googles have a heads up display (HUD) that has a GPS built in and well tell me how fast I am going on the slopes, or on my dirt bike, as well as how much vertical air I get on any jump. Every bit of technology I bring and use enhances my vacation experience it does not detract from it. And as I stated, this technology will only get better and enhance our experiences even more.

We can only hope as capture, sensors, display, and other key technology gets even better integrated into things that our ability to use technology to enhance our experiences will become so transparent that we won’t even have to think about the technology itself.

I’m a sight to behold, but I stand my ground that connected vacations are the best.