404 Why


I consider this an experiment. Experiments evolve over time but have to start somewhere. I’ve never blogged, even though folks say I write for blogs. Publically I write columns. Privately I write reports. Both have varying degrees of analysis woven in. While I write quite a bit, it is not my favorite thing in the world to do. Public speaking I enjoy quite a bit. Whether that is giving a keynote at a trade show or summit, or presenting my industry research and analysis internally to clients or company off-sites and executive summits, I enjoy talking more than writing. In Jr. High and in High School I was voted most talkative. I’m told I am a good communitcator but I want to get better. Much better actually. Both at communicating through the written word and the spoken word.

Which is why, for at least the next month, I am going to embark on the 500 word a day challenge. Some of the things I write will be more thought out while others will be me thinking out loud. I have very little expectations for this experiment other than to get one blog post out a day. Some of the content that shows up here may likely make its way to a more formal column, report, or presentation. Most of my content here will be about technology but on the rare occasion it may not. I think about things that fascinate me about technology to the point where people have told me I obsess about it. This is simply how my brain works.

Being an independant analyst I don’t convene with teams of people to pour over data and debate data points or argue over forecasts. I do most of this in isolation with a very few number of people whom I respect and understand the nuances of the anlayst business. A lot of things I write never find a home. Mostly because they are not fully fleshed out ideas, observations, or insights that are ready to be a column, report, or detailed analysis. I write down quite a bit of material that will find the light of day here on my blog. As I mentioned before, some of it will be more formalized but likely quite a bit of it will not. Sometimes I need to think out loud and rather than just debate with myself in my head (which I do much to frequently) I will think out loud here.

Hopefully, many of the smart commentors who follow and read many of my columns will chime in and and particiapte to the thought process. Writing 500 words or more a day may be a challenge. Or maybe it won’t. Ultimatley I hope the challenge will help my writing, my thinking, and overall my communicating. We will see if I keep up the 500 word challenge after the next month but I am committed to thinking out loud continually on this site. One last point. I am deeply passionate about my extra-curricular activities so, at least for now, I won’t post on the weekend.

I’ll share these posts on Twitter with the note *500 words so everyone knows what it is vs a column of mine I am tweeting.